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The following are the papers to be presented at the 2017 Symposium:
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———— FRIDAY 11.45-13.00 —————

Rachel Ellison
Exploring the architectural and emotional ‘spaces’ of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Moderator: Paula Kliger

Paolo Dal Bo
Behind repatriation distress: a Lacanian perspective
Moderator: Jinette de Gooijer

Rose Mersky
An integrative theory of dreaming underlying Social Dreaming
Moderator: Alexey Volokhov

Ross Williams
Home of the Homeless
Moderator: Katherine MacPherson

Angela Eden, Ryan, Ringer  & Bock
Building a virtual Library as a dream for organizational containment.
Moderator: Marc Maltz

———— FRIDAY 16.00-17.15 —————

Thibault de Swarte
Transitional spaces vs domestic spaces: psychoanalytical reflections on companions robots
Moderator: Heidi Rose

Nuala Dent
Working across Time and Space
Moderator: Bethina Hamann

Marie-Louise Bjørn
Good Will Hunting
Moderator: Brigid Nossal

Louise Tonelli & Michelle May
Transmogrification: An apprehensive RIDE through dusk or dawn .. towards gelassenheit
Moderator: Dorte Sandager

Elisabeth Henderson
Creative Developmental Space: Orthodoxy or Experimentation?
Moderator: Annemette Hasselager

Susan Long
Dreaming and Semiotics
ROOM: 7.0.40
Moderator: Irina Izotova

———— SATURDAY 11.00-12.15 —————

Grys Osnes & Liv Hök
The In-between Space for Incubation of Entrepreneurship; Family Owners and New Ventures
Moderator: Joost Levy

Rachel Ellison
Location Coaching: Walking and talking outside the office – a psychoanalytic interpretation
Moderator: Sandy Henderson

Gerard Fromm
When Place Takes Dreams: Social Dreaming in Nazi Germany
Moderator: Renate Grønvold Bugge

Antoaneta Mateeva & Zlatko Teocharov
An Interactive Model of Group Work with the Issues of Ethnicity, Stigmatization and Tolerance
Moderator: James Krantz

Sari Mattila
Dreams within Dreamers: Potential, Reality and Spaces
Moderator: Kristoffer Lande Andersen

———— SATURDAY 13.45-15.00 —————

T. Martin Ringer & Judit Gáspár
Experiencing outdoor spaces and places from within
Moderator: Jeffrey Axelbank

Gabi Bonwitt &  Amnon Baror
The Deserted Dining Hall in the Kibbutz: A Dialogue between an Architect and a Psychoanalyst
Moderator: Halina Brunning

Ross Allen Lazar
The Reconstitution of psychoanalytic Institutions in Germany and its Consequences
Moderator: Stanley Gold

Matias Sanfuentes
The dream of citizen participation: institutional dilemmas in the democratization of a territory
Moderator: Åse Lading

Mark Argent
Bach is the answer: what is the question?
Moderator: Kenneth Eisold

———— SUNDAY 09.30-10.45 ————–

Francesca Cardona
The consultancy stage ‘third’ dimension in the The engagement between client and consultant
Moderator: Rose Redding Mersky

Mark Stein
The space of the whistleblower: The territory of the lost good self
Moderator: Susan Long

Philip Boxer
Creating value in ecosystems: the place of the well-bounded organisation
Moderator: Thomas Kretschmar

Brigid Nossal & Wendy Harding
The ‘Dream Keepers’: exploring the conscious and unconscious interplay
Moderator: Aaron Nurick

Mina Fies/Thomas Hoffman
Psychoanalysis and Architecture – Crossroads of Personal and Organizational Understanding
Moderator: Kim Kabat

———— SUNDAY 11.00-12.15 —————

Franca Fubini
Space, dreams and identity in the workplace and not only
Moderator: Marieke van Dam

James Walker & Katherine McPherson
Design as Mirror of the Ages: The Room, the Culture and Psycho-Social Development
Moderator: Sari Mattila

Susan Long
Dreaming and Semiotics
Moderator: Irina Izotova

Rob Ryan
Creating “good enough” psychic and physical workspace in a refugee support organisation
Moderator: Susanne Broeng

Ajeet Mathur
Design secrets hidden in plain sight: discovering resonances
Moderator: Niels van Stenbergen