All sessions consist of the first half in small groups and the last half in plenum.

Monday 3rd July 1640-1700
Tuesday 4th July 1640-1700
Wednesday 5th July 1640-1700
Thursday: NO SESSION
Friday 7th 1725-1745
Saturday 8th July 1640-1700

Building 35. Room: 35.3.12

As we think about our experiences of the day, linking the social dreaming, the pdws, the papers, the creative space events, the keynotes, the experience of the spaces, the places, what we have heard, and the discussions we have taken part in, the formal and informal parts of the programme, meetings between colleagues, talks and gossip, thinking and thoughts, both spoken and unspoken:

What messages from the unconscious, what intuitions or insights are thereby being made available to us, participants in this Symposium?

Questions to think about:

What are your feelings about today?
What new thoughts have come to you?
How did dreams take place today?


The End of Day Reflection Team
Tove Frederiksen,
Pia Luna Hansen, and
Birgitte Bonnerup