The following are the links to garner APA-approved CE credits and/or New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners CE credits for licensed psychoanalysts.

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After attending the presentation or workshop please purchase corresponding CE credits below


Paper 1: Dream of Citizen (G.Fromm) 

Paper 2: The Consultancy Stage (F.Cardona) 

Paper 4: Working Across Time and Space (N.Dent) 

Paper 5: Design secrets hidden in plain sight (A.Mathur)

Paper 8: Learning from Active Engagement (M.Ringer/J.Gáspár) 

Paper 12: The Dream of Citizen Participation (M.Sanfuentes) 

Paper 13: The Deserted Dining Hall in the Kibbutz (G.Bonwitt) 

Paper 14: Building a Library of Dreams (A.Eden and Library Committee) 

Paper 16: The ‘Dream Keepers’ (B. Nossal, W.Harding) 

Paper 18: In-between Space for Incubation of Entrepreneurship (G.Osnes, L.Hok) 

Paper 19: Design as Mirror of the Ages (J.Walker) 

Paper 22: Bach is the Answer. What is the Question? (M.Argent) 

Paper 24: Creating Value in Ecosystems (P.Boxer) 

Paper 25: Raw Stream. Comfort and Containment (R.Ellison) 

Paper 26: Border Protection (R.Ryan) 

Paper 27: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes (R. Lazar) 

Paper 28: Home of the Homeless (R.Williams) 

Professional Development Workshops:

PDW 2:  The Trilogy Event (R.Morgan-Jones, H.Brunning) 

PDW 4: Socioanalytic Methods (S.Long) 

PDW 6: Leadership and Consultancy in networked environments (P.Boxer)

PDW 9:  Uses of Space, Uses of Self  (J.Burlingame, K.G.Coleman)