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PDW 2. Richard Morgan-Jones and Halina Brunning: The Trilogy Event: a new tool of our trade
1-day workshop, Monday 3rd July
ROOM: 7.00.01

PDW 3. Nicola Wreford-Howard, Marc Maltz & Angela Eden: Exploring the architecture of social dreaming
1-day workshop, Monday 3rd of July
ROOM: 7.00.08

PDW 4. Susan Long: Socioanalytic Methods
2-day workshop, Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th July
ROOM: 7.00.18

PDW 6. Philip Boxer: Leadership and consultancy in networked environments
2-day workshop, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July
ROOM: 7.00.01

PDW 7. Rose Redding Mersky: Social Dream-Drawing: A Valuable Professional Transitional Learning Space
1-day workshop, Tuesday 4th July
ROOM: 7.00.08

PDW 9. Jessica Burlingame: Uses of Space, Uses of Self: Experiences from theatre, art making, and Montessori teaching on organizational work
1-day workshop, Wednesday 5th July
ROOM: 7.00.08

PDW 10. Aaron Nurick: Writing for Publication – a Crash Course
1-day workshop, Wednesday 5th July
ROOM 7.00.18

Tove Skrumsager Frederiksen & Thea Mikkelsen: Inner and outer space and objects. The psychodynamics of architectural space and design objects
2-day workshop, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July
ROOM: 7.0.22

Convenors: Caroline Farmer & Nuala Dent
With presenters: James Krantz, Mary Joyce and Susan Long
1-day workshop, Thursday 6th July
ROOM: 35.03.13