Annual Meeting Overview


Dear Participants,

Welcome to the 34th Annual Meeting and symposium of ISPSO. Together we are invited to study the relation of the unconscious to organizational life, and to explore the ways we use psychoanalytic theory in our research and practice.

This Annual Meeting is composed of three basic parts:

The Professional Development Workshops (PDW)
* 1 or 2 day workshops on selected topics (July 3rd to July 5th)

Member’s Day
* AGM and program provided for ISPSO members (July 6th)

The Symposium
* Three plenary presentations and more than 30 papers and creative learning events (July 7th to July 9th)

The symposium offers opportunities to meet one another in dialogue as we share and challenge our own ways to read the situations we encounter in our work. The theme “Dreams always take place: spaces, places, rooms and furniture – inside and around us” enables us to study the significance of the physical and virtual structures and environmental context in which organizational dilemmas reside.

Individuals acting on behalf of organizations have their hidden, unspoken, vivid, unpleasant dreams of their past, present and future, and transform those dreams into buildings, towers, windows. We’ll reflect on how changes in our spatial organization in both physical and cyber space influence the ways we build our inner worlds and organize what makes sense for us. This includes how the staging of the workplace promotes and inhibits cooperation, leadership, task performance and the agency of participants.

Copenhagen is an exciting setting and our Danish hosts are providing opportunities for both ‘working and playing hard’ together. For example, participants are invited for a morning swim in Copenhagen Harbour at 7am on Wednesday, while at 7pm, Peter Greenway’s film, The Belly of the Architect can be viewed before we attend his plenary presentation.

The symposium opens with a welcome reception on campus Thursday evening. We have an invitation to Meet and Eat with the Danes in their homes on Friday evening, and to attend the Gala dinner on Saturday.

Please explore the 2017 AM program in detail and discover why the ISPSO community renews its pleasure to meet one another in dialogue every year. We share our dreams in the matrix each morning, and find friends who are worthy opponents for challenging dialogues and laughter.

On behalf of the Board and myself, warmest welcome to the 2017 ISPSO Annual Meeting.

Carole Eigen, PhD

President, ISPSO

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